Weld Shop Production Tracking Web Application

Gulf Coast Fabricators (GCF) wanted a better way to track their welding jobs than issuing paper job packets and calling shop foreman for updates. With the help of a Subject Matter Expert, I was able to build them a custom web application to track their welding production by job number. It was developed using ASP.NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, REST APIs, HTML, and CSS.

The web application front end and back end was designed by me with additional ideas from the Subject Matter Expert and our CTO. It was built for multiple departments including: Engineering, Project Management, Production, Quality Control (QAQC), Receiving, Shipping, Procurement, and Upper Management.

This web application helps Gulf Coast Fabrication’s users and departments track their work with less interruptions (calls / questions), meetings, and paperwork. When a customer calls and asks what the progress of the job is, a project manager can login to the web application and see the progress report for each job within seconds. Before the web application, project managers told me it would take hours of calling around to the shops and qc office because they were using the paper on their desk to track progress.

GCF uses the data from this web application to better schedule work in the shops, know how long certain jobs will take, know weeks in advance when overtime is needed to finish a job, and know when their shops are at max capacity.

I have enjoyed this project because I love building web applications that help companies solve a problem and be more productive. This project combined three of my favorite things involving work and programming: creating, improving, and analyzing. We created a web application, improved their business, and analyzed their data into meaningful reports and visualizations.

Client: Gulf Coast Fabricators (part of The Echo Group)
Website: An internal website that only employees have access to.
Framework: ASP.Net MVC
Programming: C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS
Service: Web Development, Web Design, UI/UX Design, Custom Web Application Development, Custom Reporting

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