waterfall card game iphone react native Stryker Stinnette

Waterfall Mobile Application

About the Application

This application is a card game built for mobile phones. It is currently only on the iPhone with plans to release on Android in the future. I built this application to challenge myself to learn React Native and build an application for mobile phones. I also thought my friends would enjoy it.

waterfall card game iphone react native Stryker Stinnette

Explain the Game

The game is played with a deck of cards. This app includes everything you need to play: the rules and a deck of cards. The user taps the deck to draw the first card and does what the card says. The rules are posted below the card just in case you forget. I always forgot the rules. To draw another card, the user swipes the current card to the right of the screen. The next card will appear.

About the Development of the Application

I started learning React and React Native. After I had a couple of concepts under my belt, I went for it. There was a lot of trial and error. React Native does not function just like HTML and CSS even though it resembles HTML and CSS. When I needed something, I researched it.

One of the big parts of this application is the algorithm I used to shuffle the deck of cards. I first made my own. It was ok, but I knew it could be improved. Then I found a better one that was a real algorithm made by someone a long time ago. I modeled my new algorithm after his. The new algorithm shuffles every single card 100 times. It is better and faster at shuffling than any human.

Client: Built for my friends
App Link: Waterfall in iOS App Store
Framework: React Native
Programming: React & JavaScript
Services: Mobile App Development, Mobile App Design, Custom Mobile Application Development

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