Industrial Specialty Crafts Website

Industrial Specialty Crafts approached me to build them a new website to go with their new name, logo, and services. We went over sites they liked and others they did not and why.

ISC provided me with their logo, a couple of new photos, and the names of their new services. They requested that none of the previous website marketing copy be used on the new website.

I decided to get a head start on the project and build them a tangible product they can preview (Website:

The ISC website was built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. The new marketing copy was written by me. The images come from multiple stock photo websites.

The next iteration of this project will have more input and collaboration from Upper Management, Marketing, and Development. We will work together to improve this product.

Client: Industrial Specialty Services
Programming: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap
Services: Web Development, Web Design, Responsive Design, UI Design
GitHub Repo:

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