Stryker Stinnette Web Application Developer

Stryker Stinnette

  • Full Stack Web Application Developer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Data Analyst

Database / Web Application Development

Develop Web Applications and Databases for storing and updating data using ASP.NET MVC with Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET Core MVC with PostgreSQL, or NodeJS with MongoDB or PostgreSQL.

Web Site Consulting

Analyze and Improve page load times, navigation, content, images, and logo quality.

Data Analysis / Report Creation

Pull important sales or accounting data from your databases and create meaningful Data Reports, Dashboards, Pivot Tables, and/or Standalone Graphs. Reports can be done in Crystal Reports, HTML / D3.js (Websites), QlikView, or Excel.

Content Creation

Create content for your site. Including writting copy, taking pictures, and creating graphics.

Excel Spreadsheets

Create Excel Spreadsheets that include Formulas, Macros, VBA Programming, Conditional Formatting, Dashboards, and Pivot Tables.

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Mobile Applications

iPhone App in App Store

Waterfall Card Drinking Game (iPhone)

Web Applications

Websites connected to Databases for storing and editing data

Contract and Employee Cross Reference

Weld Tracking / Shop Production Tracking

Purchase Order Application

Equipment Transfer Application

Bid Log Application 1 (Brock)

Bid Log Application 2 (GCF & GCE)


Marketing over the internet

Industrial Specialty Crafts

The Echo Group

Weld Test Coupons

Admiral Field Services

Intranet Site

Gulf Coast Exchanger

Web Design / Graphic Design

Static Layouts and Marketing Material using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Stryker Stinnette Graphic Design Corporate Flyer One Pager DRS

DRS Corporate Flyer

Stryker Stinnette Graphic Design Corporate Flyer One Pager Echo Group Minimalist

Echo Group Corporate Flyer

Corporate Flyer One Pager Echo Group Stryker Stinnette Graphic Design InDesign

Echo Group Corporate Flyer 2

graphic art web print graphic flyer one pager

Flyer for Benefit

web design website mockup

Gulf Coast Fabricators Mockup

linkedin post web graphic

LinkedIn Post Graphic

Excel Dashboards, Spreadsheets, and Data Reports

Including Formulas, Macros, and VBA programming

Weekly Bid Log Dashboard Report for Executives

Bid Log Weekly Dashboard for Executives

Monthly Bid Log Dashboard Report for Executives

Monthly Bid Log Dashboard

Excel Spreadsheet Automated Estimating with Formulas

Excel Spreadsheet for Automated Estimating

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Data Dashboard

KPI Dashboard

Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Monthly Trends

Microsoft Power BI Trend Dashboard

Sales Group CRM Dashboard Report

Sales Group CRM Dashboard Report

CRM Monthly Scorecard

CRM Monthly Scorecard

About Me

Being the son of an engineer, I developed a love for problem solving. I revel in programming and data analysis, and find myself doing it even outside of work (like right now).

My Path

Over fifteen years ago, I began implementing my skills from a high school “web-mastering” class to create websites that utilized the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I developed a passion and decided to expand my skills in college by completing programming, database, web design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash), and web development courses at Sam Houston State University. I applied these competencies successfully by designing and executing all facets of web development with Sam Houston State University’s ultimate frisbee team’s website.

After graduating with a B.S. in Management Information Systems, I acquired a position as web developer with a website company. This gave me the ability to exercise my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. New opportunities allowed me to accept another position within the oil industry, where I fabricated spreadsheets, databases, reports, web applications, and websites, both internal and external. I collaborated with C-Level Executives, Sales & Marketing Department, and Estimating Department by being the liaison of sales and business data analysis.

By analyzing sales and business data, I discovered automating processes with programming in Microsoft Excel and Access. This allowed me to use VBA, VB Script, and PowerShell for scripting tasks on my computer; SQL, Python, Qlikview, and Microsoft Power Bl for data analysis and reporting; and ASP.NET MVC C# for web applications. I am constantly utilizing subscription based learning websites to stay current and optimize my skillset of languages, concepts, and computer programs.

*I am available for remote work. I currently reside in Texas.


Marty Stamey

Marty Stamey

Senior Vice President at Partner Industrial

Highly energized, qualified and personable programmer with a strong work ethic. As a Senior Analyst, Stryker accomplished and implemented a number of key assignments for our corporation:

1) built multiple web applications
2) customized, implemented, and provided oversight of our CRM system
3) redesigned our intranet website to be more user friendly
4) co-created departmental procedures, score card performance and evaluations
5) conducted market outlook research for business development team and corporate leadership
6) analyzed internal and external data for SVP's and C level employees.

Stryker exceeded project expectations, worked very well with others and was highly respected by his co-workers.

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